The Nelo Advantage

Expert Workmanship & Construction

For over 40 years, Nelo has produced quality, medal winning kayaks. Nelo’s innovation in boat design, technology and athlete services has pushed them to the top of the kayak world. 75% of all boats raced at major world and competition events are Nelo, with 93 Olympic medals to date, and 27 of the available 36 medals at the Rio Olympics going to paddlers in Nelo boats.

Nelo Rowing shells are constructed from carbon fiber with a closed cell PVC core layer. The PVC layer provides extra structural rigidity and durability. Using a double mold allows a seamless finish.

All Nelo Rowing shells meet FISA  minimum weight standards.

Nelo Rowing Kayaks 40 years

Hull Design

Nelo’s patented inverted bow design allows for a longer waterline, with less wave drag resulting in greater boat speed. This technology is been used in America’s Cup racing, and is unique to Nelo Rowing shells.
The inverted bow has a thinner top section, and less volume hence less pitch variation. This has created a smoother run through waves. This lower volume bow combined with the flatter stern section, helps reduce the pitching caused by athletes back and forwards movement, ultimately reducing friction and creating an optimum environment for higher hull speeds.

Quality Components & Shoes

Nelo fits all their shells with high quality carbon accessories.
The carbon riggers are lighter and stiffer than aluminium riggers, resulting in greater power transfer into the water. With lighter riggers, more material can be put into making a stiffer and stronger hull while still meeting FISA minimum weight standards. 

Nelo’s comfortable carbon seats also come with a grip pad. The convex rails are easier to keep clean from sand and dirt. All boats come with two rudder options, and a protective boat bag.

All shells come with Project B shoes. Bont Rowing stands for innovation, athletes, quality, experience and most importantly passion. It is a winning  philosophy as much as a brand.

Incredible color designs

Nelo is known for their incredible boat graphic designs, allowing total customization of your personal craft. Choose from any of our templates and 22 color choices to create something unique.

There is also the option of working with a designer from Paddlesport Designs, many of whom are elite athletes on the path toward their Olympic dream.

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